Halkin Investments

Halkin Investments LLP are an independent investment and financial advisory firm dedicated to providing bespoke solutions. It combines client centric service, which is the hallmark of traditional private and merchant banks, with the innovative technical skills of modern finance.

Halkin has a team of London-based professionals that come from complementary financial backgrounds and will use their extensive wealth of knowledge and experience to their clients' best interests.

Halkin has expertise in structuring and raising global project and infastructure finance throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), and renewables is an area of core focus. Halkin have worked with Suncredit using their extensive institutional debt and equity base, which has an appetite for well-structured renewables assets in EMEA. With the preparation of bankable project structures, a variety of debt financing sources are available for the construction funding, bank debt and Development Finance Institution loans, for such projects.

Saif Group

The Saif Group is one of the leading industrial and services conglomerates in the Subcontinent. Our Primary operations encompass: telecommunication services and products, textiles and manufacturing, oil and gas exploration and associated power generation services, real estate development, information technology and software development and environmental management.

We have a durable and successful history of forging alliances with world-renowned partners. Our Group has worked with British Telecom, Consolidated Contractors International Company (SAL), Etisalat (UAE), Flag Telecom, Fusion Telecom Inc, Iridium Satellite LLC (USA), Itochu Corporation, Motorola, Tyco Electronics, Nichimen Corporation, Olivietti, Orascom Telecom (Egypt), and Siemens amongst others.

The company has evolved into an enterprise of over 5,000 employees, passing on its core values from generation to generation for over 80 years. The financial strength of the Group has enabled it to create an effective presence in diverse sectors of the economy.

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